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Dark Cake Podcast 3 – Atmosphere

Dark Cake Podcast 3 – on Atmosphere showcasing interesting electronic music from the net Home Listing The Synthetic Dream Foundation – On whom the dreadful claw (idm glitch music) Moderat – Bad Kingdom KYŌGEN – OHAGURU Singularitarian – Blackpulse Steamheated – LIVE club blue and joy 8feb2008  Autechre -Interview from Universal Techno 1996 Singularitarian – […]

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Dark Cake Website is live

After a month or two of setting up and gathering some of the best music I could find from electronic heads around the North, the Dark Cake Netlabel is now live! Look around the site, and look out for many more releases coming soon from our artists, including physical products as well as more compilations […]

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Slice 1

Slice 1 is a 12 track compilation album [MP3] of Dark Cake Artists [1] featuring Brokengod / Stat-X (Chris Godber) Bjn (Ben Nield) The Puss / Copperknob (Donny Gray),  Naturemagnet (Ben Nield / Chris Godber) Pumps (Matt Nin) and BB-Acid-D2 (Matt Nin / Chris Godber) An introduction to the Dark Cake sound, a digitally archaic dive into […]

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