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Music for Mutant Minds

Dark Cake is a Netlabel based from Manchester specialising in the interesting, the diverse and the experimental in electronic and experimental music from around Manchester and the surrounding area.

Chris Godber aka Brokengod

Setup by Chris Godber (Brokengod, BB-Acid-D2 and Naturemagnet) with help from Ben Nield ( Bjn ) and Matt Nin ( Pumps ) in Oct 2016 we are here to bridge a gap between bedroom producers and audiences and to expose more people to the beautifully diverse and deranged music being made by artists, electronic experimentalists and general ‘interesting noise makers’ in the North.

Experimentation is encouraged, we want to feed you alien sounds you might never of heard before, to give you that same original buzz the first time you heard the melancholy synths of Aphex Twin, or the futurist techno aesthetic of Autechre.

That is our aim, to feed the mutant minds of tomorrow with the sounds of today!

Chris Godber 2016 

BB-Acid-D2 at The “Static Cloud” music event 2016