Slice 1 – Dark Cake [Compilation Album]



Slice 1 is a 12 track compilation album [MP3] of Dark Cake Artists [1] featuring Brokengod / Stat-X (Chris Godber) Bjn (Ben Nield) Copperknob (Donny Gray),  Naturemagnet (Ben Nield / Chris Godber) and BB-Acid-D2 (Matt Nin / Chris Godber)

An introduction to the Dark Cake sound, a digitally archaic dive into alien acid soundscapes (Copperknob / The Puss) an unnerving eerie tune into the ambient textures and sound collages of Bjn, Music for inner-space faring and urban alienation from Brokengod , plus a good dose of Star Wars homages in the form ‘I’ve been waiting for you’ from  BB-Acid-D2.

And all for the very reasonable price of £2.50


Chris G

Track Listing for Slice 1

  1. Wooden Tabre by Copperknob
  2. Ambidi [a2] by Bjn
  3. Glass by Naturemagnet
  4. I’ve been waiting for you by BB-Acid-D2
  5. Zone Head by Brokengod 
  6. Crusin Corsa by Copperknob
  7. Grouchy Lice by Stat-X
  8. Furlorn Furrow 4 by the Puss
  9. cu b (i’8ll send a ham”) by Bjn 
  10. Third Mind from the Sun by Brokengod
  11. Ambidi [d] by Bjn
  12. New Breed by Copperknob
  13. Meat Beat 2 by Pumps


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