Naturemagnet was born out of Ben and Chris collaborating since June 2013, when we decided to do some improvisation at The Electric Picture House in Congleton. Naturemagnet evolved out of this collaboration and has taken on many different forms in the process, incorporating more guitar and live instrumentation as well as using software and electronic hardware to generate novelty, and using visual art and performance in many of our live shows.  

The philosophy of naturemagnet is to experiment and push our own musical and personal boundaries forward, it is a unit and collective of experimenting owls.  

Chris Godber uses hardware, software and microphones, as well as generating most of the Visual FX
Ben Nield uses musical and non-musical instruments

Matt Nin uses the power of the Monotribe and Volcabass, along with ninja dexteritiy 

Becca Smith used guitar and FX Pedals to create droning space sound poems