Brokengod is the artist name for Chris Godber;

I make radical experimental music that fuses the genres of electronic music, classical, the 20th century avante-gard and pushes the boundaries to the edge 

I aim to evoke in the listener a multitude of different emotions and feelings, but my principle concern is with atmosphere, feeling and evocation of a passionate fiery spirit.

I use all tools at my disposal for music….

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  • The Brain of Gremnin (EP)
  • Music for Futurist Factories(EP)
  • Kry (EP)
  • Haxan Rescore (LP)
  • Sunday Organ (EP)
  • Clockwork Hearts (LP)
  • Dead Star O (EP)
  • 40 Different Flashes and Bleeps (LP)
  • Sing Darkly Robot Soul (EP)
  • The Slumber of the Eternal Owl (EP)
  • Shrk Drwns (EP)
  • Impossible Dream (LP)
  • The Singularity is Near but I am far away (Web Release Compilation)
  • Lost and Found Mixes (Compilation / Mix LP)
  • Error Prone (EP)
  • Lo-Fo Dadaist Bombs (EP)